About Us

Diamond Heroes Baseball is a locally owned premier indoor training facility in Northern VA. We offer the latest technology to enhance your experience. Whether you want to train with our innovative circuit style hitting system or just want to play a game on our baseball simulator, Diamond Heroes Baseball offers something for all ages and skill levels.

Premium Equipment

We offer two Hack Attack pitching machines for baseball and softball and two HitTrax simulators with 4 LCD TVs. We also carry a Wheeler Dealer soft-toss machine and a full line of Axe Demo bats.

Hack Attack Machine

The Hack Attack is a pro pitching machines used in the highest levels. It throws all speeds including 100 mph fastballs, curveballs, sliders, splitters, knuckleballs, and risers. It also provides hitters an easily visible release point.

Premium Quality

We use only real leather baseballs. Our turf is fully padded, non-toxic & pellet-free. Premium grip mats allow the hitter to feel most comfortable.

Safety Cage System

Our patent pending "Safe Cage System" allows for maximum safety for players & spectators.

(We use shell cage surrounded by 10' coated chain link fence)

Custom Lighting

At Diamond Heroes, each lane has specific custom lighting. Simply put the best lighting in the business!

Climate Controlled Environment

Full air condition/heating system

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