Advanced Training (old)

Tired of paying high prices for instruction and not seeing results? Unsure if you've improved after weeks of lessons? We develop individualized programs for each athlete using our initial baseline assessment. With the data collected from these assessments, we are able to tailor our programs to each athlete's specific needs. All training programs are developed in conjunction with Motus Biomechanical sensor, video analysis, our HitTrax simulator, and professional studies.

Training Sessions include Hitting, Throwing, Pitching, Positional, & Strength.

Middle School, High School, College, & Pro Training (13 & up)

Core philosophy: We use innovative technology, such as HitTrax & Motus, along with drills and strength training to develop the athlete. Our coaches take a creative approach by manipulating the athlete's environment or task at hand to achieve a desire outcome. Our goal is to use the most efficient and effective techniques that help athletes learn complex movements. Coaches use evidence-based training methods by applying relevant external research and data collected within the facility.

Call 412-915-8377 for a free initial assessment

Cost: $40 per weekly session & $80 for all week pass (Monthly memberships are available)

  • All sessions run 1 - 1.5 hour in small groups of 4-8 players
  • Flexible Scheduling (7 days a week)
  • We also offer one on one sessions for $89. Call for scheduling.

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