Youth Training

Tired of paying high prices for instruction and not seeing results? Unsure if you've improved after weeks of lessons? Our coaches gather relevant data to track player improvement over time using innovative technology, such as HitTrax & Motus. Our innovative program allows players to train at their own pace up to four times a week under the guidance of an instructor for an even lower price than a single lesson!

Youth Training (Ages 6-9 & 10-12 yrs old)

Small Group Training 

Core philosophy: Kids learn best when they are focused, and they are most focused when they are competing and having fun. DH uses innovative technology, drills, games and competitions to harbor focus and target improvement of specific skills. Our instructors will manipulate players' environment in ways that will target areas of needed improvement personal to each player in a fun game atmosphere.Call 412-915-8377 for a free initial assessment.

Cost: $40 for 1 weekly session, $65 for 2 weekly sessions, $80 for an all week pass 

  • All sessions run for 60 minutes in small groups of 4-8 players 
  • Sessions run Monday-Thursday 4-8 pm & Sat. 9 am-11am
  • Training includes hitting, throwing, pitching, and positional 

 One on One Training 

Cost: $89 for 1 hour session

  • Sessions run Everyday. Call 412-915-8377 for scheduling. 
  • Training includes Hitting, Throwing, Pitching, & Positional

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